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New Year, New Look! Our Teas are back!

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  • Seriously, the candles were so well made and absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much and I really appreciate what you did to the Jamie candle, it did not go unnoticed and I can't wait to use him for much longer than I anticipated. I also know my friend, who is receiving the other candles, will love them too!


  • Starfall, Feyre, Rhysand, Fireheart - When I burn all my Sarah J Maas candles together it totally smells like I live in the Night Court! Scent throw (even for the 4oz) is great, these scents perfectly matched each namesake and the labels are adorable. Starfall, however is a stand out for me, the scent is gorgeous with a subtle hint of glitter after you start burning. WickandFable candles are wonderful, Jess was super accommodating and quick to reply to all queries and shipping was super quick!


  • This box, is quite possibly my favorite bookish box ever. I have already decided that I will probably purchase any Wick & Fable box that have a theme I am interested in. Can't wait to see the next one!