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It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! - Top 10 Winter Candles

With weather getting colder and the holiday season is almost right upon us, we're bringing you our list of the best scented that will lift your spirits on those cold winter days. Whether you're a fan of winter berries to forest pine and from mulled cider to warm hearth, we've got all the yuletide scents covered!


10) Winter's Glow | Limited Edition Seasonal

Top Notes: Fresh Eucalyptus
Middle Notes: Tart Berries
Bottom Notes: Clove Leaf
This one will bring you right to the middle of a winter storm and is heavily accented with minty and fresh eucalyptus. Notes of tart berries, clove, amber and bergamot really brings it all together to create a crisp outdoorsy scent.

9) To Whatever End | Throne of Glass

Top Notes: Sweet Snow
Middle Notes: Soft Mint
Bottom Notes: Creamy Vanilla
Slight hints of sweet snow and vanilla is layered on a smooth soft mint base that is not too overpowering and just gets even better with every burn!

8) Rowan | Throne of Glass

Top Notes: Pine Needles
Middle Notes: Snow
Bottom Notes: Cedarwood
Our favorite fae warrior has a cold wintery woodsy scent that's both sexy and masculine. This one will bring you right into his arm with notes of pine, snow and hint of cedarwood. 

7) The North | Game of Thrones

Top Notes: Pine and Balsam
Middle Notes: Cedar wood
Bottom Notes: Hint of Firewood
The North will always be home. Notes of fir balsam is infused with cedar wood and fire wood to capture all the smells of winter and bring you to the North. 

6) Gryffindor | Harry Potter

Top Notes: Cozy Fire
Middle Notes: Warm Spices
Bottom Notes: Golden Amber
This candle will take you to the cozy Gryffindor common room with the squashy armchairs and the big crackling fire. A warm rustic blend that is perfect for a cold winter night!

5) 'Tis The Season Bundle | Limited Edition Holiday

Christmas Bliss - Christmas Tree, Freshly Baked Cookies, Cozy Fire
Glistening Snow - Snow Kissed Vanilla, Rosemary and Mint, Sugar Canes
Holiday Cheer - Candied Citrus, Cozy Spices, Golden Caramel, Ginger Root
Mistletoe Kisses - Under the Mistletoe, Christmas Champagne, Wild Berries

Christmas Bliss reminds me of a kitchen filled with freshly baked sugar cookies surrounded by pine and pine cones scented in a fireplace.
Glistening Snow is a  wonderful holiday scent bursting with peppermint and has an undertone of cinnamon, clove and fresh bayberry.
Holiday Cheer is yummy and delightful with bakery notes of ginger root, brown sugar, molasses, buttercream frosting, and all spice. A very nostalgic scent!
Mistletoe Kisses is fabulously fun scent. Delicious wild-berries are flavorfully kissed with sparkling rays of mistletoe fun with bubbly bottom notes of Christmas champagne.

4) Winter Court | A Court of Thorns and Roses

Top Notes: Frosted Musk
Middle Notes: Frozen Pear
Bottom Notes: Sparkling Snow
This one is not your typical winter candle and is instead a refreshing crisp clean scent with a blend of sparkling snow, icy pear and frosted musk. This one will remind you of a fresh snowy day in the Winter Court!

3) Tea With Hagrid | Harry Potter

Top Notes: Earl Grey Tea Leaves
Middle Notes: Vanilla Cream
Bottom Notes: Caramel Spices
Warm and cozy is the best way to describe this one; just imagine being in Hagrid's Hut enjoying a warm cup of tea with the fire going.

2) The Burrow | Harry Potter

Top Notes: Treacle Tart
Middle Notes: Hazelnut
Bottom Notes: Whipped Cream
Scrumptious servings of treacle tart and mugs of hot butterbeer, Mrs Weasley's kitchen has never smelled better! This one will seriously make you drool with layers of crushed hazelnut, maple syrup and a hint of marshmallow. 

1) When It Snows | Limited Edition Seasonal

Top Notes: White Chocolate Cookies
Middle Notes: Peppermint Mocha
Bottom Notes: Well-Loved Books
Our favorite thing to do when it snows is to curl up with a good book and enjoy it with a warm drink, along with a holiday treat or two. And we tried to recreate exactly that with this nostalgic and decadent scent that will make your home smell Christmas time! 

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