Hi everyone! By now you should have received your Treasure Trove boxes and first & foremost, I'd just like to apologize for the huge delay. This box definitely took a lot longer than we had anticipated but, we hope you'll enjoy everything we've put together!


  • I've included some additional information on how to get your "treasures" and how to use them! Click HERE for spoiler free tutorial and click HERE *SPOILERS* to see all of the "treasures" we've included.
    • The Feyre print was also misprinted with the word "my" missing and Jenn from A Korean Seoul has put together a download link where you can reprint her poster with the mistake corrected. DOWNLOAD HERE
    You should have received TWO packages if the morphing mug was not in the original package. The two packages might not arrive together so please contact me or message me anytime during our live support hours and I'll give you an update on your packages.