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Heart Shaped Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

*Packaged in a gift box* Enjoy your favorite loose leaf tea without worrying because of the super fine mesh suitable for any type of small size leafs. 

  • High quality stainless steel and rust resistant heart heart shaped tea infuser. 
  • Ideal size for single cup servings.
  • Fine mesh traps debris and keeps your tea particle free.
  • Secure locking lid ensures a worry free steeping experience.
  • Packaged in a gift box

Steeping Instructions

•1½ tsp. tea per 8 oz. of water
•Bring water to a boil 🌡️ 212° F
•Allow to steep for 3-4 minutes

•3 tsp. tea per serving 
•Bring 8 oz. of water to boil 🌡️ 212° F
•Steep tea in water and add ½ cup steamed milk or condensed milk

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